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The role of the groups in the everyday mentalhealth in Hungary

I am this lecture of mine analysing the social problems coming up and growing worse and worse at the time of the political regime change. Nowadays we are speaking about these human problems as deviancy surplus. Because of the problems mentioned above it became necessary to change in structure the medicinal model, for the medicina did not carry to treat the multiplied human problems. So the mentalhigienic approache, attitude, method and the practice as a group come up in the everyday life have had distinguished role. The role of the mentalhealth could become especially inportant because the state of mind of people today can be qualified alarming, the selfdestructive and pathologic behaviors have spread.
Few people have the responsability, selfknowledge and the moral surplus in which the selforganizing ability of the hungarian society could get strong.

Today there is a new paradigmachange in which the accent being sofar in the primary, secondary, tertiary prevention now is moving towards promotion. In my lecture I would like make you know the group methods born during the last decade in the interest of the protection of mentalhealth in the community. In these methods the training and the personality development of the specialists with helper professions have come true, but with these same methods also groups that organicly come up have found help.

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